BIC Construction Architectural Joint Stock Company takes the brand name of the transaction as Bicons is proud to have a team of key, experienced and creative engineers.

- With a team of Architects, Engineers, 2D Painters, 3D Painters and experts in the field of talented and creative construction, with a team of skilled technicians with many years of experience in the construction field works, specialized in processing interior and exterior products, we believe that we will bring our customers the utmost satisfaction about their projects.

- We operate with a variety of professional disciplines, operating on all construction areas: Designing and constructing office buildings, designing and constructing workshops, pre-engineered steel buildings, industrial projects, and delivery. information, irrigation, technical infrastructure ... participating in survey, construction design, inspection ... serving projects nationwide.

- Along with the process of exchanging and integrating modern civilization in the world, the construction of all works does not just stop at pure functionalism, but also to show the specific culture, in accordance with spirituality. and own aesthetics.

- We have many architects and engineers with high professional qualifications and dedication to careers who are always trying to learn and explore creativity to bring to customers the most unique architectural styles. , improving skills to meet the high demands of customers, contributing to sustainable development of the company.

- Over many years of experience, we have a clear understanding of the position and value of our work to do to complete every project, how to achieve quality and schedule. Therefore, for each project , BIC always pay attention to every small detail, make use of all space to create high aesthetic works, quality and suitable for the area, to bring into full use.

Grateful words

BIC Construction Architectural Joint Stock Company would like to send our sincere gratitude to all customers who have always trusted and supported us during the past time. We would also like to thank our partners who have been side by side with BIC Construction Design Joint Stock Company to build quality, safe and efficient works. We look forward to receiving comments from you and looking forward to the opportunity to cooperate with customers in future projects.



Every morning, waking up, the burning desire to be devoted, to be creative, to be painted a brilliant and sustainable future, with all employees of BIC has become a passion like an endless glaze ....

That desire has been expressed by engineers, architects, technicians and all employees of BIC Construction Design Joint Stock Company with all intellect, strength, equal artistic heart, by experience and talent. Therefore, all officers and employees of Hung Thinh Phat always pick up the small values ​​and essence of life to build a prosperous and sustainable future, with the ideal of longevity: Rich drawing Anang, Tac into the millennium ..

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