Currently, the economy is developing more and more, so the design and construction of office buildings, business buildings are particularly interested. Modern - professional office brings a comfortable, classy working space and creates a good impression and reputation of the company's brand to customers.

Choosing a reputable office building design company is quite important because it is decisive about the prosperity of your company when building working facilities.

The design of a beautiful office building is a public building built for use or for lease associated with economic activities - working areas of employees, leaders, departments ... having a comfortable and professional workspace to help with high productivity, easily perform many transactions with partners.

But to have a workspace with beautiful architecture, reasonable use and comfort is not simple.

BIC consulting and designing office building

How to choose a reputable office building design company?

On the market today there are many office design units. So you will have many choices, but to choose a dedicated unit - prestige and understanding customers are not many, so customers should consider carefully and need dedicated advice to have an office building working as you like.


Step 1: Exchange project information with investors, survey the premises, collect information about design requirements, performance requirements, ...

Step 2: BIC prepares a preliminary design plan according to design requirements, then provides a preliminary quote to the investor for approval.

Step 3: After agreeing the plan, the two parties "sign the contract"

Step 4: BIC develops the preliminary design of the project:

- Preliminary project design

- Submit plans to investors

Step 5: Basic design:

- Architectural design

- Structural design

- Infrastructure design

- Design M&E

- Fire protection design

- Submit an opinion plan

Step 6: Technical design:

- Architectural design

- Structural design

- Infrastructure design

- Design M&E

- Fire protection design

Step 7: Hand over the total design project to the investor

BIC consulting and designing office building

In addition to the perspective and plan, architectural design documents of office buildings also include technical plans of floors, deployment elevations, construction technical profiles, structural records (premises, foundations , floor beams, septic tanks, water tanks, columns, steel, ...), structural details (stairs, balconies, toilets, doors, ...), electrical engineering design, engineering water, communications, architectural extensions, steel structures, ...

BIC consulting and designing office building

The reasons you should choose BIC:

1. Provide solutions to design, build beautiful, high-quality factories.

2. Factory construction price is optimal.

3. Estimated exact factory construction price.

4. Time to complete the project quickly.

5. Consultation support - free meeting and exchange.

BIC is a company specializing in the design and construction of high-quality factoriespre-engineered steel buildings and industrial warehouses. In addition, BIC also designs and constructs office buildings, condominiums, participates in surveys, testing,...

BIC has participated in many construction projects across the country. We have a lot of experience in building large-scale projects of famous investors from countries around the world such as Japan, Korean, Taiwan, America (USA), Singapore,...

BIC's reputation has been strengthened more and more as we are known more for its professional attitude, seriousness, integrity and honesty in business. BIC is now a trusted brand name for well-known investors in the Vietnamese market.

Benefits of Customer:

We have been implementing large-scale factory projects from 70,000 square meters to more than 200,000 square meters of foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam such as: Korean, Japan, Taiwan, .... We more and more efforts to become one of the leading brands in terms of prestige, project implementation capacity in Vietnam, reaching out to markets in countries in Southeast Asia and the World.

BIC is committed to providing customers with the best building service, office building, high-rise apartment building. By the enthusiasm and unrelenting efforts of all officials and employees. Especially, we have conquered many big projects and gained the confidence and satisfaction of the "Big Men" in the world who came to Vietnam to invest in the construction.

BIC is very pleased to serve you with the spirit: "COOPERATE TO DEVELOP TOGETHER"

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