The factory is a direct production of business products and the workplace of many employees. It can be seen how important the factory is to the business, so the construction of the factory is very strict at every step.

In order to complete the factory in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the investor, a detailed and specific plan is needed. Especially at the design stage, it is necessary to clearly express from the details of materials, technical information and structural details to the factory.



BIC understands businesses' worries about how to build a quality factory and warehouse with reasonable cost. Should have developed the field of design with a team of experienced and dynamic staff to give you the best design table.



Factory design is a first step but very important to achieve the best quality project, optimize the cost as well as minimize risks and shorten construction time.


✍  Workshop design has 2 steps as follows:

Step 1:Basic design

Basic design is the first step to provide preliminary architectural and structural solutions.

Basic design drawings include:

✔️ The drawing of the workshop premises

✔️ Workshop architecture drawings: Layout, workshop cross section, vertical

✔️ The basic design drawing is also part of the application file for the project license.

Step 2: Designing construction drawings

The construction design drawing details and complete all items of the project including sections: Architecture, structure, electromechanical.




✔️ Gates, fences, security houses

✔️ Garage

✔️ Main workshop, warehouse.

✔️ Office

✔️ Canteen, guest house of employees.

✔️ Internal road

✔️ Water surface, pump house

✔️ Substation, power house

✔️ Other auxiliary works.


Depending on the factory, the design requirements, the complexity of the project of the customer will be reasonably priced.

BIC's workshop design documents, including:

✔️ Drawing of the total ground of 1/500

✔️ Architectural drawings and project perspective photos

✔️ Structural drawings for items

✔️ Mechanical and electrical drawings include basic parts: Electricity, lighting, water supply, ...





1. Các bước thi công nhà xưởng:

1.1 Construction of the foundation:

✔️ Ground leveling: The Contractor must consider the ground condition to conduct leveling in accordance with the drawing board.

✔️ Positioning the heart of the axis: This is an important step to help determine the position of the pillars on the drawing board

✔️ Dig the fence foundation: The fence surrounds the factory so it will be long, tall and solid

✔️ Construction of the foundation: After the heart axis, the foundation will begin construction, the material is reinforced concrete.

✔️ Compounding soil and stone for the workshop: After leveling, the ground will be compacted to meet the rigidity required by the design.

✔️ Executing the workshop foundation: Implementing the work of locking steel, pouring concrete and following the correct process to avoid cracking of the concrete on the floor.

1.2. Steel frame construction:

✔️ Erection of steel frames: Raise and place steel structure parts in certain positions.

✔️ Install and stop purlins and bracing cables: When installing, ensure stability on the frame surface

✔️ Construction of cover cover: Construction of wall and construction of corrugated iron

1.3. Construction of infrastructure: Installation of drainage pipes, road bed roll, road bed roll, concrete maintenance of the roadbed, cutting anti-crack seals, ...

1.4. Construction of technical systems: including fire protection system, communication system, electrical system, technical system for production, ...

1.5. Finishing: Includes steps for marking traffic lanes, plastering ceilings for office buildings, planting grass to create green patches outside the workshop, planting trees and flowers in the factory, landscape of feng shui (if any)

1.6. Cleaning and putting into use: Cleaning factories, collective cafeterias and installing machinery and equipment.



A good factory needs to meet the following criteria:

1. Factory location

2. Design standards

3. Workshop structure

4. Water supply and drainage system of the factory


3. Some notes when building factories

3.1. Factory foundations

✔️ Foundation is the essential and most important structure of any construction project and the factory is no exception.

✔️ When building the design in this part, the architect needs to pay special attention to showing the most complete and detailed specifications.

✔️ The materials and details used for the foundation must be sufficient to meet the set standards and standards, to ensure the conditions for project execution and construction.

✔️ When choosing the location of foundation, for each different ground, there will be different treatment.

✔️ If the workshop is built on soft soil, muddy soil, it is necessary to reinforce the foundation by using the solution of pressed piles, bored piles ...

✔️ If the workshop is built on a hard ground, the foundation can be built as usual without reinforcing the foundation such as pressing piles or driving melaleuca piles.



3.2. Factory background

✔️ Depending on the functions of use that the design unit, the factory construction unit has the most reasonable way to perform.

✔️ Besides, the thickness of the concrete foundation layer should also be paid attention. Depending on the nature of the production and operation of the business, using large or small payloads, the concrete thickness is changed accordingly, concrete thickness ranges from 10, 20, 30 or 50cm.

✔️ After the factory concrete is finished, to increase their durability, rub the foundation and paint epoxy on the floor to prevent dust and easy to clean and clean.


3.3. Factory structure

✔️ In the process of building the factory, you and the architect as well as the contractor need to regularly discuss to propose how the number of columns, trusses, beams and purlins is appropriate, to avoid shortages. One of the above factors affects the quality of the work or causes waste.

3.4. Select a quality design and construction unit

✔️ Another factor that makes up the quality of the factory is construction manpower. The skill of the construction team requires professionalism and extensive knowledge in this field. Thus, the new project ensures the best quality.



One of our strong points is thanks to the strong changes in the development of technology. BIC is always aiming for the best and new technologies to meet the diverse requirements in construction, from complex construction techniques to the ability to operate and execute large-scale projects.


Why choose BIC for construction to execute the condominium project?

1. Team of human resources - engineers - architects - workers with extensive experience in executing the condominium project

2. BIC always has enthusiasm and always put the mind - reputation as the top.

3. Construction process is strictly managed and safe.

4. With strict control in construction, the construction schedule should always be ensured.

5. Price is suitable for each project implemented.

6. Free and enthusiastic advice - dedicated.

Please contact BIC at hotline: for a free consultation!

BIC is a company specializing in the design and construction of high-quality factories, pre-engineered steel buildings and industrial warehouses. In addition, BIC also designs and constructs office buildings, condominiums, participates in surveys,....

BIC has participated in many construction projects across the country. We have had many experiences in building large-scale projects of famous investors from countries around the world such as Japan, Korean, Taiwan, America (USA), Singapore, .. ..

The reputation of BIC is increasingly strengthened as we become more and more known by the compliments about the professional, serious, entrepreneurial and honest working attitude. BIC is now a trusted brand for big name investors in Vietnam market.



Benefits of customers:

We have been implementing large-scale factory projects from 70,000 square meters to more than 200,000 square meters of foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam such as: Korean, Japan, Taiwan, .... We more and more efforts to become one of the leading brands in terms of prestige, project implementation capacity in Vietnam, reaching out to markets in countries in Southeast Asia and the World.

BIC is committed to providing customers with the best building service, office building, high-rise apartment building. By the enthusiasm and unrelenting efforts of all officials and employees. Especially, we have conquered many big projects and gained the confidence and satisfaction of the "Big Men" in the world who came to Vietnam to invest in the construction.

BIC is very pleased to serve you with the spirit: "COOPERATE TO DEVELOP TOGETHER"


Pictures of Scacom factory - Tien Giang

Factory building image in Dau Giay Industrial Park



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