The cost of building a factory of 1000m2 is attracting many investors' attention when the land fund is increasingly limiting the market price of steel increases sharply. To have the most reasonable estimate when investing in production expansion, review the information for the most accurate calculation.
The cost of building a factory of 1000m2 is attracting many investors' attention when the land fund is increasingly limiting the market price of steel increases sharply. To have the most reasonable estimate when investing in production expansion, review the information for the most accurate calculation.

Cost of building 1000m2 factory in 2022
The specific factory unit price is calculated according to two factors
+ Factory design
+ Construction of concrete factory, steel building 1000m2
Free factory design quotation if the investor chooses the design and construction solution at the construction contractor.
Quotation for construction of steel concrete factory 2,000,000 - 3,500,000 VND/m2
This quote is for reference only. Construction cost of 1000m2 workshop may change from time to time depending on the type of construction materials and unit price at the time of signing the design and construction contract. 

Materials need to be found out the cost of building a factory 1000m2
+ Materials for pile foundation: D250 pile foundation, concrete - Vinakyoei steel pile, diameter 6mm; Type 1 tram pile; Cement; Sand; regular structural formwork; complex structural formwork ( silos, arches); Concrete lining stone 1x2, M150; 1x2 stone concrete, grade 250
+ Materials for building walls: Putty; Waterproof paint; Paint beams, Paint ceilings; Paint interior walls; Exterior wall paint
+ Materials for partition walls and roofs: Plaster partitions; Column frame, ceiling frame, skylight frame, Tole roof
+ Flooring materials: Cemboard flooring, in addition, there are many other building materials for building factories such as glass for doors... Here only the main materials that greatly affect the cost of building factories are listed here. 1000m2 needs attention.

The cost of building a detailed 1000m2 factory
Quotation of factory cost 1000m2
+ With each different type of factory, there will be different construction costs
+ The cost of building a factory is quite complicated when summarizing.
+ The cost of building a 1000m2 factory may change according to the time and the type of materials the business uses
Common factories have an area of ​​​​less than 1500m2, height of 7.5m using steel core columns, V steel truss, box iron materials, building walls 100, using tole walls, tole roofs... Unit price is 1,300,000 VND /m2 – 1,500,000 VND/m2
Prefabricated factory unit price 1,600,000 VND/m2 – 2,500,000 VND/m2
Concrete factory using steel columns 1 ground floor, building 1-3 floors unit price 2,500,000 VND/m2 – 3,000,000 VND/m2

Quote the cost of building 1000m2 factory by each item

Foundation cost:
Included in the cost package including building materials for the foundation and labor costs
+ Foundation structure unit price 300,000 VND/m2
+ The foundation layer is made of black sand layer, nylon layer, and heat-strewn concrete layer, unit price is 165,000 VND/m2.
+ Base coat of self-leveling paint, epoxy paint unit price 375,000 VND/m2
- Unit price of pre-engineered steel frame
+ Pre-engineered steel frame using mainly steel material
+ Depending on the need to use quality loaijtheps from different brands, the cost will be different
Processing of steel structure with general bearing frame system unit price 486,000 VND/m2
Fabrication of steel structure with steel frame system for skylights, contact us for a price
Fabrication and erection of steel structure Bolts and bolts for foundation connection, structural connection, contact unit price
Processing and installation of column bracing, roof bracing, wooden beam bracing, contact unit price
Uncle The price of steel frame and details depends on the type of steel, the choice of material, the cost will follow.
Construction cost of corrugated iron roof
Regarding the construction cost of corrugated iron mainly depends on the type of corrugated iron and the production brand
Color-plated corrugated iron roof structure, unit price 300,000 VND/m2
Color coated corrugated iron roof structure layer black sand layer, nylon layer, concrete layer, thermal expansion groove cutting unit price 165,000VND/m2
Color-coated corrugated iron roof, self-leveling paint, epoxy paint is equivalent to 375,000 VND/m2
The price is for reference only and depends on the type of material selected and high-quality materials are expensive at that time.
Cost of building wooden beams
+ It is recommended to use grade 1 corrugated iron and wooden beams to ensure good quality and durability. In case of cost saving requirements, wooden beams of type 2 or joint venture can be used.
- Wall beams
- Common wooden beams, aluminum and glass windows, plastic doors, iron doors...
- Wooden beams in the window frame catch the wind
- Corrugated iron except for aluminum and glass doors
- Corrugated ropes except for the window that let in the wind
- Full set of extra accessories included
- Galvanized wooden beam 012
- Transporting corrugated iron to the construction site
- The total cost is about 120,000,000 VND - 200,000,000 VND but this is just a reference cost, the price may change depending on different building materials used.
Construction unit price of factory door system
The cost of the factory door system includes windows, doors, shutters...
The main door system requires a design with a standard size of D, a folding iron frame
Each door frame has a different price
Construction unit price of door system
The factory is counted in the same set of installed doors
+ Main door, iron folding door frame Unit m2 Quantity 23
+ Main door charger Unit Unit Quantity 1
+ Side door, iron folding door frame DVT m2 Quantity 3
+ Charger for auxiliary door Unit Quantity 1
Canopy for main door, side door, roof corrugated iron, canopy canopy, canopy border, 2m canopy steel frame, corrugated iron beam Unit m2 Quantity 182026270
+ Main window
+ Gable window
+ Window rims
The total construction cost of the factory door system is up to 40,000,000 - 100,000,000 VND
Factory wall construction cost
Factory walls meet safety protection requirements for the entire factory. Factory walls are often used with brick and cement materials, the unit cost of building a factory of 1000m2 ranges from 100,000,000 to 200,000,000 VND depending on the time and materials used.
+ Concrete brick wall with sandstone
+ Thickness of the wall mm
+ Plastering walls: 2 sides, 2 cm thick
+ Finishing lime for walls, wooden formwork
+ Concrete bracing the top of the wall with a thickness of 10cm
+ Reinforcing steel wall
The price of LED factory lights may change depending on the time of purchase and supplier
Total cost of building 1000m2 factory
The main costs mentioned above can be summarized as follows:
+ Construction cost
+ Foundation texture
+ Steel frame system: main frame, skylight frame
+ The system of honor and respect
+ Corrugated iron roof system
+ Factory door system: main door, door on both sides
+ Surrounding wall system
+ Reinforcing steel wall
+ Crane system
+ The electrical part is projected to the factory
+ Lightning protection and fire protection
+ Cost of construction permit, fire protection
+ Cost of project management
+ Cost of technical team leader to manage protective materials
+ Cost of construction insurance
+ Camp costs

Factors affecting the cost of building a factory 1000m2

Type of factory
+ Each business has the need to build a unique factory with different brand identity and different functions
+ Different types of factories: factories, workshops, warehouses, production workshops
Factory size
+ The size of the factory will determine the cost of building the factory
+ Usually, the larger the workshop area, the higher the cost will be
+ The cost of building a 1000m2 factory may be higher than the cost to build a smaller area.
The design of a 1000m2 factory building using construction materials at the request of the investor without control over costs will affect the total cost.
A fully functional modern designed factory will also cost more than a simple factory
Investors can choose factories with communication functions such as LED lighting, ventilation, etc. to save costs.
Type of building material
+ For each type of construction purpose, it is necessary to choose suitable materials
+ Should choose building materials suitable for financial conditions
+ The higher the quality of the materials, the higher the price will be
Construction contractor unit price
+Each contractor has a different solution, so it is necessary to consider which solution is optimal for the investor because the design and construction unit prices in each unit are inherently not the same.
+ The unit price from the construction contractor depends on the design of building materials and the quantity used
Completion time within the estimated cost of building a factory with an area of ​​​​1000m2
+ The completion time mainly depends on the size and design of the factory
+ Construction on schedule will reduce arising and save costs
+ The long construction time causes the construction contractor and the investor to lose more costs in terms of labor and material prices, k according to the estimate.
The above is a way to estimate the cost of building a 1000m2 factory to help investors and construction contractors easily track and monitor while ensuring economic finance.
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