The factory project of Arneplant Vietnam Co., Ltd. was built including: 2 factories, 1 office and other ancillary items. Total area up to 2 hectares with total investment cost up to 6 million USD

BIC Construction Architectural Joint Stock Company


General contractor: BIC construction design joint stock company

Investor: Arneplant Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: Lot C_11E_ CN Road N15, Bau Bang Expanded Industrial Park, Long Tan Commune, Dau Tieng District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

Construction area: 2 hectares

The factory project of Arneplant Vietnam Co., Ltd. was built including:

Thiết kế cơ sở dự án nhà máy Arneplant Việt Nam

Thiết kế cơ sở dự án nhà máy Arneplant Việt Nam

Thiết kế cơ sở dự án nhà máy Arneplant Việt Nam

Thiết kế cơ sở dự án nhà máy Arneplant Việt Nam

Thiết kế cơ sở dự án nhà máy Arneplant Việt Nam

One of our strong points is thanks to the strong changes in the development of technology. BIC is always aiming for the best and new technologies to meet the diverse requirements in construction, from complex construction techniques to the ability to operate and execute large-scale projects.

Why choose BIC for construction to execute the condominium project?

1. Team of human resources - engineers - architects - workers with extensive experience in executing the condominium project

2. BIC always has enthusiasm and always put the mind - reputation as the top.

3. Construction process is strictly managed and safe.

4. With strict control in construction, the construction schedule should always be ensured.

5. Price is suitable for each project implemented.

6. Free and enthusiastic advice - dedicated.

Please contact BIC at hotline: for a free consultation!

BIC is a company specializing in the design and construction of high-quality factories, pre-engineered steel buildings and industrial warehouses. In addition, BIC also designs and constructs office buildings, condominiums, participates in surveys,....

BIC has participated in many construction projects across the country. We have had many experiences in building large-scale projects of famous investors from countries around the world such as Japan, Korean, Taiwan, America (USA), Singapore, .. ..

The reputation of BIC is increasingly strengthened as we become more and more known by the compliments about the professional, serious, entrepreneurial and honest working attitude. BIC is now a trusted brand for big name investors in Vietnam market.

Benefits of customers:

We have been implementing large-scale factory projects from 70,000 square meters to more than 200,000 square meters of foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam such as: Korean, Japan, Taiwan,.... We more and more efforts to become one of the leading brands in terms of prestige, project implementation capacity in Vietnam, reaching out to markets in countries in Southeast Asia and the World.

BIC is committed to providing customers with the best building service, office building, high-rise apartment building. By the enthusiasm and unrelenting efforts of all officials and employees. Especially, we have conquered many big projects and gained the confidence and satisfaction of the "Big Men" in the world who came to Vietnam to invest in the construction.

BIC is very pleased to serve you with the spirit: "COOPERATE TO DEVELOP TOGETHER"



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