Cooperation policy

Cooperation policy

Partner With Suppliers

BIC always considers suppliers as an essential link in its business chain. BIC always promotes sustainable cooperation with suppliers with preferential policies.

  • Always open to suppliers who are capable, good products, good price or total cost of ownership, are competitive and wish to have a long-term cooperation with BIC.

  • The BIC establishes a set of standards for goods suppliers.

  • All vendors are required to have records maintained, updated regularly.

  • Supplier profile includes: company profile, organization chart, sales policy, sales process, main customers,…

  • All the suppliers with great value (including strategic suppliers, suppliers that have signed contracts ...) are evaluated on a quarterly basis.

  • Strategic suppliers are also tested and evaluated unexpectedly to compare their goods, prices and terms of sale against the market.

Cooperate With Subcontractors

When becoming a subcontractor of BIC, businesses will be working in a professional, creative and dynamic environment. In addition, there are also many preferential policies and support for subcontractors of BIC with the goal of "Cooperation for mutual development - Long term benefits"

  • Support equipment rental

  • Recruitment support

  • Payment preferences

  • Support training

  • Provide necessary information to the Subcontractor

  • Provide work to Subcontractors on a regular basis

  • Other incentives

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