What are the important documents to have before building the factory? In terms of infrastructure for factories, renting or buying land in industrial parks, export processing zones or technology zones, it must be suitable to the demand for land lease and land area for the factory to be completed and put into operation.

What are the important documents to have before building the factory? Regarding the infrastructure of factories, buying or renting land in industrial parks, export processing zones or technology zones must match the demand for land purchase and lease with the area of land so that the factories can be completed in accordance with the law and brought into operation. into operation. Domestic and foreign investment manufacturing factories are required to have clear legal documents such as construction permits, investment certificates, environmental assurance certificates, and business licenses.

In addition, the construction contractor must also perform a number of other arising documents to ensure that the factory does not have an environmental impact that is assessed before building the factory.

Important documents are available before building the factory

1. Which factory needs an environmental impact assessment?

Permits for environmental impact assessment before building factories are often needed in areas such as: food processing, healthcare, automobile manufacturing and assembly, plastic industry... they directly affect the living environment. around. When investing in building a factory, the investor as well as the factory construction contractor need to carry out administrative procedures for making EIA documents. According to Decree 40/2019/ND-CP and Circular 25/2019/TT-BTNMT, the exact subjects of the EIA report are determined.


Depending on the capacity requirements and investment scale, the project owner implements issues related to environmental records. The factory construction contractor will help the investor come up with the best operating plans without affecting the components of the environment as well as the convenience and safety for workers without affecting the environment. to environmental factors.

Determining the origin of wastes from production will be an important basis for proposing effective treatment measures and choosing treatment methods so that wastes do not pollute the general environment of the country. community.

2. Construction Permit

A document issued by a state agency that allows individuals and organizations to build houses and works according to their wishes within the scope of the license. Is an effective document to organize the implementation of the approved urban planning, thereby determining whether people build according to the plan or not. Usually, the application for a construction permit is in two cases: applying for a new construction permit and a construction permit for repair and renovation.

3. Investment certificate for the factory

Important documents that are available before building a factory for foreign-invested factory projects are required to register for an investment certificate in the form of a paper document or an electronic copy showing all the information. related to the investor. Which factories must apply for an investment certificate according to the provisions of the Law on Investment?


+ Foreign-invested factory projects

An organization that contributes capital, buys shares or buys capital from another organization, or an investment project with an economic organization investing in the form of a BBC contract.

+ Procedures for issuance of investment certificates

- Written proposal of the investor
- A copy of your identity card, citizen identification card, passport, certificate of business establishment (copy)
- Copies of documents such as financial statements, financial support commitments, capacity guarantees, explanatory documents
- Demand for land use change of land use purpose, explanation of technology in terms of name, origin, process diagram, technical parameters, condition of machinery, equipment, technological lines
- Environmental impact assessment with environmental protection solutions
- Factory building permit
These are necessary documents and procedures required before building a factory in order to identify solutions for management agencies to easily build, plan, monitor and develop infrastructure in accordance with regulations. specifications and techniques.

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BIC is constructing an industrial factory

BIC is constructing an industrial factory


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